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Conclusion of the Direct Demonstration. (6)

We have followed the line of logical argument from the beginning of Part II, or the NEW GEODESY;
we have stated clearly the principles of our premise, and the relations of the chord and arc, and have reviewed the methods employed in the old geodesy.
We have presented a long line of experiments, disproving by ocular means, the theory of the earth's convexity.
We have followed the line of direct demonstration from the very foundation principles of all geometrical forms and relations; we have embodied these principles in an apparatus, and have described all of the details of the Geodetic Survey from the beginning to the end, and have summed up the measurements and the results.
Step by step we have proven our propositions; from the beginning we have made no assumptions, we have not built upon hypotheses.
We have been logical and clear; honest, open, and frank.
The evidences obtained from the line of experiments and surveys are all in.
We have completed the chain of direct demonstration; only the conclusions now remain to be stated.

The simple route to conclusion is the relating of the surveyed Air Line to the datum line or mean tide level.
From the facts of measurements obtained in the work which we have described, we may construct diagrams which will illustrate and demonstrate our conclusion.
We began with reference to known and determined perpendicular and horizontal; from the first adjustment of the Rectilineator, we projected an Air Line for the distance of about 4 miles , the line throughout was straight, and maintained its parallel relations to the external tangent.
In the accompanying diagram, A is the perpendicular; BC, the line surveyed; B, the beginning, and C, the point of projection into the water.
The altitude of the line at the beginning  was 128 inches; it follows that the line was parallel with the external tangent, and consequently 128 inches above the external tangent, PQ throughout the entire distance.
Now, a surface intervenes between the Air Line and the external tangent, the distance to which is 128 inches at the beginning, and 0 at the and; we have given the measurements for all the intermediate points-the distance from the rectiline down to the datum line at every tide staff.
The fine lines in the cut extending downward from the line BC, indicate the measured distance from BC to the datum arc at every tide staff.
The datum arc is the line which the measurements relate to the projected rectiline above; and as the measurements were made from the surveyed line to
p. 128
the water's surface, it follows as a conclusion forced by the intellectual comprehension of the principles employed and the results obtained, that the arc of the water's surface curves concavely at about 8 inches to the mile, or 128 inches (10 feet and 8 inches) in about 4 miles.

We may take the measurements of the space on the tide staffs between the rectiline and the original 128-inch altitude, at the various stations of the 25 tide staffs, beginning at the top of Tide Staff No. 1, and ending at the bottom of Tide Staff No. 25.
XY is the arc of the water's surface; A, the perpendicular at the beginning, from which the rectiline BC was projected.
The fine lines are the tide staffs from the beginning to the end, which are intersected by the rectiline BC, cutting each staff at a lower point than the preceding one, until at the last the rectiline BC touches the arc XY, demonstrating not only the fact that the water's surface is concave, but also the definite ratio of its curvature.
The above diagram serves only to illustrate the relation of the chord, radii, and arc, but not the scale.
A diagram drawn true to scale, sufficiently large to show the vertical altitudes, would be too long for printing.
The following specifications for drawing the scale will serve to convey to the mind the proper proportions an the 'basis of the calculated ratio of the concave curvature, which very nearly agrees with the ratio which we obtained by processes of mechanical survey:
p. 129
The results obtained in the survey of the sine of arc, or half a chord, would obtain in the opposite direction also. At the commencement of the survey, when the first sections of the apparatus were leveled and in adjustment, special observations were made of the horizon in the north as well as in the south ;
the straight-edges sustained the same relation to the two horizon points ;
and the several processes for leveling the apparatus, which were employed at Station 1, in connection with the observations, constitute the premise of the conclusion that the ratio of curvature of the earth toward the north from our stationary caisson, is the same as toward the south. In this way we definitely relate nearly 8.5 miles of arc of concave curvature and its chord, and from the facts obtained, the conclusion is inevitable that
p. 130
an area of the earth's surface of 4.125 miles radius contains a concavity whom depth at the center is gout 128 inches.

The extension of the arc of curvature which we have measured and have demonstrated to be concave, forms a circumference of about 25 000 miles;
which conclusion, taken in connection with all the astronomical, geographical, and geodetic facts obtained by centuries of observation and survey, demonstrates that the surface of the earth upon which we live is the inner surface of a great cell about 8 000 miles in diameter.

The New Geodesy in Its Success Exceeds in Importance the World's Fruitless Scientific Research.

Our knowledge of the figure of the earth is only obtained by indirect means. - Astronomer Ball.

The geodetic operations carried on during the last century and a half for the purpose of determining the figure and dimensions of the earth have, up to this time, led to no satisfactory results.
They have been performed by the most eminent astronomers, with the most perfect instruments, and it would seem that they ought to have. led to a final solution of the problem; such, however, is by no means the case.
Every new measure of a meridian arc has but added, and adds, to the existing doubts and want of concordance, nay, to the positive contradiction which the various operations exhibit, as compared with one another. - Von Schubert.

The problem that has so long engaged the minds of scientist has been solved ; the earth's form, the determination of which has baffled the skill and taxed the ingenuity of the scientific world, is at last demonstrated to be cellular, with its habitable surface concave !
In the light of all it implies and involves, there is nothing in the entire realm of science that is of more stupendous import.
When realized, there can be nothing more startling than the absolute evidences of the earth's concavity.
To the mind of the rational investigator, the theory of the earth's concave curvature
p. 131
is removed from the plane of mere probability to that of absolute certainty; the circuitous route of inquiry concerning the various phenomena of the universe is now obviated, and the question definitely settled in the minds of those who have considered and comprehended the meaning of the simple facts afforded through the application of the principles of accurate geodetic survey.

The importance of an undertaking is always measured by its ultimate results. On such a basis, we place the importance of our geodetic survey over against all the efforts of modern scientific men, with all their millions of dollars, with all their appliances and apparatus of the very finest workmanship, and with all their observatories.
With all the facilities at their command, they have failed to bring to humanity that which they have been commissioned and paid to discover.
The geodesist and geographers have almost girdled the globe with surveyors' chains, in the endeavor to discover the earth's true form. Certainly, at their bidding, vessels have plied the oceans of the world in every direction, and from pole to pole, in the hope of discovering some fact indicative of the correctness of their conclusions.
In the more advanced nations, action after section has been selected as the field of geodetic observations,-for. the survey of base lines, spherical triangles, and quadrilaterals; and yet they have failed to accomplish that for which they have ostensibly labored.
Likewise, the ingenuity of the astronomers has been directed toward the heavens in the investigation of all the movements of the visible orbs above us, and they have failed to discover a single fact in support of the hypothesis of the earth' s motion - they have failed to determine the true distance of a single fixed star, and their calculations of solar, lunar, and planetary
p. 132
magnitudes and distances are wide off the mark.
To prove the theory of the earth's diurnal rotation and annual revolution about the sun, many ingenious experiments have been conducted, and wonderfully accurate instruments and mechanical appliances have been employed, but without success.

When we consider the remarkable success of the geodetic work of the Koreshan System in proving the earth's concavity, in contrast with the failure of scientists, how utterly insignificant seem all their efforts!
How fruitless the many expeditions commissioned by the various governments of the world, to make observations of the transits of Venus for the purpose of determining the true solar parallax !
How valueless, in view of the failure to prove the conclusions desired, are the experiments with Foucault's pendulum, the rotating gyroscopes, spectral analysis, and star-gauging! In short, the stupendous efforts put forth in the cause of so called science are needless expenditures of energy. We are not discrediting the scientific work of the world; such efforts have their value, but the work thus far performed by scientists of the old school, is not of paramount importance.
We are simply comparing success with failure, the results of energy directed along the line of Truth, with that contributed to the cause of the great mogul of fallacy.
The great wonder of the hour, the startling fact now manifesting and forcing itself upon the rational mind is, that outside of the ranks of recognized scientists there should develop a line of scientific work that eclipses all the efforts of the vast army of astronomers and teachers in all the observatories and universities of the world!

Columbus in his adventures struck a chord that
p. 133
resounded throughout the world; he led the westward march of empire and the progress of civilization. The operation of the mighty force of human development, which before were confined to the old world, was made to pivot upon the discovery of new fields of expression. Within the lifetime, of that one man a great change came; where in the earlier days of his career his plans fell upon deaf ears, there were soon awakened in all the kingdoms of Europe, mighty movements toward the new continent. He lifted the veil from the new world; that act was the turning-point in the progress of nations. Vastly more important than the discovery of the continent of America is the discovery of the true cosmic form, in which all continents lie, with the resultant demonstration - that which brings to the world a comprehensive view of the Light of Ages!
The Koreshan System is founded upon a scientific and specific premise.

The System pivots upon the fact of the earth's concavity; the demonstration of that fact is the pivot of its success.

The mighty forces of the impending scientific revolution, hitherto confined in their proper centers and spheres of elaboration, involved in the integral mind which has brought to us the marvelous System, and pulsating about the pivot of the demonstration of the scientific premise, will soon be manifest in the awakening of the world to the realization of the dawn of a New World - a New Era, in which humanity will be saved from the prevailing fallacies - ignorance and darkness !
The testimony of the Air Line, the chord of arc, will vibrate the world in confirmation of the message of KORESH!
That testimony is now proclaimed to the world.
The tension of human thought and the voltage of mental energy involved in the work of promulgation of the Koreshan System, and the triumphant
p. 134
herald of the fade of the demonstration of its premise, will be felt in future years - long ages after all fallacious systems have been buried in the ruins of the old world!

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