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Drawing of the inside geocosmosEnglish Surfers, please pull down the left frame.
You can see the rectilineator listed,which is the basis of the theory for the Cellular Cosmogony (the Inside world) of Cyrus R. Teed, also called Koresh.

If you could give me a clear, repeatable proof for the Copernican world, a solid, convex earth, I would cancel my home page and turn to something else.

Please, take your time to think about the world-view here given.
With it I show that satellite photos can also prove the inside world-view (geocosmos), since the same optical laws are valid in either case.

I had been studying physics at the University of Stuttgart for two semesters or one year.

Several experiments such as the rectilineator, plumb line tests, motion of light experiments by Prof. Allais, etc., convinced me that we live on the inside surface of a hollow sphere.

Located in Florida (Koreshan Unity Foundation,  P.O. Box 97,
Estero Florida 33928, USA) is a museum, where you can see some equipment used in the test for the sense of curvature of the earth' surface performed in 1897.

The internet copy of the cellular cosmogony is not ready. I want to go as far as page 134. I do not want to copy all the pictures. If you want to see them, please read following book:
The Cellular Cosmogony by Cyrus R. Teed, 1905 Edition,
reprinted 1975 by Porcupine Press, Inc. 310 South Juniper Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19107-5818 U.S.A.
In this book you can read about the inside world (geocosmos)
The inside world describes that we are living on the inner surface of a this world which is our earth.

An introduction to the inside world (geocosmos) with a picture showing the Geocosmos can be found at: