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Inside Geocosmos
These optical illusions
are to show,
that a satellite photo
can not prove whether
we live on a solid,
convex earth or
on the inside surface
of a hollow sphere.

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Figure 3
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plumb bobs
The surface of the
earth seen from a satellite
Day and night
Long Distance 
Photo of 
New York
Principles of
Mechanical Survey.
(1)Successive steps in the Logic of Geometrical Propositions and 
Applied Mechanics in Direct Demonstration.
Ancient and Modern Geodetic Apparatus.
Fundamental Principles of Geometry.
(2)Transposition from Geometrical to Mechanical Principles.
(3)The Invention of the Rectilineator
Modus Operandi of the New Geodesy.
The Koreshan Geodetic
(4)Factors involved in the Measurement of Meridian Arc in the Florida Coast Survey.
Accuracy of the Rectilineator Proved.
System of Reversals and Final Tests.
Preparation for the Geodetic Survey.
Prof. Morrow's System of Uniform Tide Measures.
Levels, Plumbs, Appurtenances, and Records.
Results and
Inevitable Conclusions.
Details of Measurements and Extension of the Air Line Into the Water.
The Testimony of Levels, Plumbs, and Horizon.
Details of Visual Projection of the Air Line Over Gordon's Pass.
The Extension of the Air Line Into the Water.
Facts of Measurement of Altitude of the Air Line on 25 Tide Staffs.
Comparative Results of Altitude Measurements on Concave and Convex Surfaces.
(6)Conclusion of the Direct Demonstration.
The New Geodesy
in Its Success Exceeds
in Importance the World's
Fruitless Scientific Research.